If you’re suffering from a chipped or decayed tooth, you should visit a dentist to get it repaired. This will not only prevent further damage to the tooth, which may be more costly to treat, but also restore the full function of your mouth and smile. Tooth-colored composite resins are the most common type of filling for small to moderate-sized treatment for tooth cavities and restorations. They are safe, durable, and tough enough to withstand chewing pressure and prevent fractures. 

How are dental fillings placed as treatment for tooth cavities?

If the dentist determines that fillings are the best option to repair your tooth, it needs to be cleaned first before placing the filling.

The first step involves anesthetizing the area using a numbing injection to allow for a pain-free procedure. Next, the dentist removes any decay and cleans the cavity to avoid trapping any bacteria inside the tooth that may cause rot from within. 

After the tooth has been prepared, you will choose the type of filling material you want. The material will be applied directly to the tooth, layer by layer until the desired form is achieved. The material is then cemented in place using a special light to ensure it’s securely bonded to your tooth. 

Which type of filling material is best?

Tooth-colored composite fillings are the most common type of material used in the treatment of tooth cavities because they’re conservative, easy to use, and give you a natural look. Unlike silver fillings, composite resin fillings don’t require the removal of much tooth enamel on the site for it to hold properly. Composite doesn’t require undercutting to create a strong bond. Instead, they are able to physically and mechanically bond to the prepared tooth. This allows you to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible, creating a longer-lasting restoration

Please visit your dentist in Pilsen CHI to discuss whether dental fillings are the best way to restore the full function of your mouth and achieve a healthy-looking smile. 

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