Invisalign is a new approach to straighten your teeth discreetly using a series of clear, removable, custom-made trays that are fabricated using CAD/CAM technology to move your teeth in small increments. The orthodontist uses an intraoral scanner to create 3D models of your teeth, which are arranged to replicate your bite on a computer screen. Each tooth is then individually moved – on the screen – to adjust your bite and create a plan for your actual dental treatment. This essentially helps to create the path of least resistance to move your teeth to the desired position, even before your treatment begins, which increases the success rate and reduces treatment time. This fact is why many find the cost of Invisalign treatment in Pilsen CHI.

In general, the cost and treatment time of the Invisalign system is comparable to that of traditional braces. But as with any other treatment, the actual cost depends on the specific needs of the patient, such as:

  • Complexity of the case 
  • Treatment goals 
  • Duration of treatment 
  • Availability of orthodontic insurance coverage 
  • Your location, etc. 

Is Invisalign worth the cost?

Clear aligners are as good as any other orthodontic treatment and can be successfully used to straighten teeth, improve bite function, and enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Many people are willing to pay more to take advantage of the technology and discreet approach to smile improvement. 

In some cases, the treatment comes with several individual replacement aligners at no extra cost – especially for teens – so the patient can continue their treatment with minimal setbacks in the unfortunate event that they lose their aligners. This means that you won’t incur extra cost for replacing lost or damaged aligners.

In the long run, it’s important to get the results you want the first time, as this will give you the most value for money. Being able to design your treatment and see the expected results before treatment starts helps to keep the patient motivated and diligent in wearing the aligners for the required amount of time for successful treatment. 

To determine the cost of Invisalign treatment for your specific case, please visit your Pilsen CHI orthodontist today. 

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