Your dental health is an important component to your overall wellness. Without regular check-ups and attention to your oral health, your poor dental health can lead to further complications. In fact, poor oral health has been linked to issues such as heart disease, endocarditis, stroke, systemic inflammation, and even increased pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Fortunately, your best line of defense is the team at Dental Sunshine. With our extensive services, offered right in our Pilsen office, you can rest assured that you will be met with quality care and a positive dental experience. Our comprehensive services include: 

  • General dentistry, including regular oral health check-ups
  • Pediatric dentistry, including positive dentist experiences for little ones
  • Endodontics, including root canal services
  • Oral surgery, including crown services
  • Invisalign

Our experienced staff is ready to assist you with any of your dentistry needs, and you can be confident that many of your dental concerns can be addressed by Dr. Gwozdz right in the comfort of our Pilsen location. 

Whether you are searching for a dentist for regular six month check-ups, or if you are looking for a more extensive dental health treatment plan, Sunshine Dental is ready to give you the most up to date procedures and practices. We strive to offer our patients the newest and best treatment, sending our technicians and staff members to regular training to bring back the best to our patients.

Your physical wellness can be impacted by poor dental hygiene and health. Don’t let yourself suffer the consequences of not paying the proper attention to your teeth, gums, and mouth. Our staff is ready to show you how to best care for your mouth, and how to keep your teeth healthy. Give us a call to set up an appointment today!

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