Root Canals, Endodontics in Pilsen

Dental and oral health is a combination of general dentistry services, proactive treatment, and managing unexpected issues quickly. At Dental Sunshine, we know that providing quality dental services means treating more than just the teeth and gums. With our comprehensive Endodontics services, we carefully assess and treat the soft, inner part of the tooth, called the “pulp”.

When teeth decay, there is a chance that the pulp of the tooth can become infected. In this case, a root canal is the endodontic therapy treatment of choice. We know that even a mention of the phrase “root canal” can send some people into a spiral of anxiety. However, Dr. Gwozdz and the entire Dental Sunshine team work carefully to assure that the process is positive and as comfortable as possible.

Before the root canal process even begins, Dr. Gwozdz works with patients to notice potential problems before it escalates to a tooth pulp concern. When root canals are necessary, the patient may be in a serious amount of pain. The root canal therapy will help with relieving the pain, and we work to be sure that the procedure itself goes as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Our office staff works with you and your insurance company to keep the procedure costs in alignment with your budget. Further, our staff tries to keep root canal appointments to a minimum. While some treatments may require three or more sequential visits, most of our endodontic therapy treatments are given in two or less visits.

Endodontic Therapy Treatment in Pilsen

After your endodontic therapy treatment, you will notice a difference in your pain quickly. We also encourage our patients to call us if they are experiencing any different sensations or discomfort after an endodontic therapy treatment; we want to alleviate that discomfort as quickly as possible and will get you in an appointment quickly.

Root canals and other endodontic therapies are sometimes needed to keep you pain free and your teeth healthy. Dental Sunshine works to assure that the experience is a positive one.

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