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As with all healthy habits, it is important to expose kids to positive dental experiences as early as possible. At Dental Sunshine, we take special care with our pediatric clients, knowing that giving them a positive and calm experience during childhood can make for healthy dental health decisions throughout adulthood. If you are looking for a caring place to take your child for their dentistry needs, Dental Sunshine is ready to greet your entire family with a smiling face.

Kids Dentist in Pilsen – Your Child Deserves the Best

First and foremost, our staff is committed to giving your child the best dental experience possible. We start seeing children as young as toddlers, keeping their first few visits fun and easy. A quick ride in the dental chair and tooth count may seem simple, but this positive interaction keeps even the most suspicious kiddos engaged with our office staff.

Under the guidance of our dentist, Dr. Gwozdz, we get to know our pediatric patients and their families. Then, we take this knowledge and use it to make appointments pleasant experiences instead of anxiety producing ones. Moms and Dads are encouraged to stay with their child and provide a close support system as we work to keep the kids comfortable and as happy as possible.

Finding the Best Pediatric Dentist in Pilsen – It Starts with Trust

After we have built up trust with our pediatric patients, we are able to provide services to ensure their teeth are healthy, and that they are developing healthy dental habits. We provide pediatric check-ups to watch for potential problems, clean teeth, and promote healthy gum development.

We take X-rays, complete school required exams, and give fluoride treatments to assure excellent dental health. We also provide services to maintain healthy teeth such as providing sealants, filling cavities, extracting problem teeth, or maintaining proper spacing between teeth.

Relieved Parents

With happy kids who enjoy going to the dentist, parents are relieved to know that their children have a mouth full of healthy teeth. Even more importantly, parents can join forces with our staff to provide positive oral health reinforcement at home with good dental habits.

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