Oral Surgery in Pilsen

If you need oral surgery, you want to be in an office you know with a doctor you can trust. At Dental Sunshine, we offer a variety of oral surgeries right in our Pilsen office. This convenience allows our patients to have a more enjoyable experience, with a dentist they already have a relationship with.

Dr. Gwozdz and the team at Dental Sunshine offer a variety of oral surgery treatments in the office. Before the surgery, we work with patients to explore all the options available to them as well as a treatment plan that will work with their health, budget, and insurance company. For many of our patients, it is a relief to be able to have a discussion about their oral surgery options with a dentist they trust and are confident in.

Oral surgery can include a variety of procedures for all ages and situations. From simple extraction to more multistep procedures like preparing the mouth for partial or full dentures, our team works carefully to reduce the chance of swelling or pain after the surgery is complete.

If you are worried that you may need oral surgery in the future, we encourage you to begin a relationship with our Dental Sunshine team soon. In some cases, we are able to try proactive treatments before oral surgery is needed. In other cases, we are able to step in quickly to provide the oral surgery service that you need in order to eat and talk without pain or discomfort.

Our Dental Sunshine team works diligently to make your oral surgery experience as comfortable as possible. We get to know your concerns and preferences, as well as any anxieties that you may have about the procedure. Then, we are able to address each of these with you and adapt our treatment accordingly to give you the relief you deserve.

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